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Aaron Wilson Photography About UsWelcome to Aaron Wilson Photography!

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Do you want amazing custom professional photos for your business or personal use? We love to make bright and clear images that easily attract the praise and attention.  Great for personal or your followers and  of all who view them. Here at Aaron Wilson Photography, I take pride in capturing the authentic beauty and unparalleled talent in every one of my customers. Whether this is your first time using a professional photographer or you’ve had photos done many times in the past, you can always expect nothing short of excellence with every shot!

We specialize in Fitness photography and Boudoir Photography; If you are looking for more styles please contact us! The majority of our shoots take place in the wonderfully diverse and alluring San Francisco Bay area, including Santa Cruz, Monterey and Sacramento. We can also travel out to Reno, NV or other locations for your next photoshoot or event! *Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding locations other than the areas listed above.

New to hiring a professional photographer? No need to be intimidated! There are many events and reasons that you can benefit immensely from having a professional take on the role of photographer rather than yourself. With events of all sizes and purpose, this frees you up to truly embrace the event itself, rather than having to worry about stopping every few minutes to capture the importance of the moment. And when it comes to portfolio, business and boudoir photography (along with every other type as well!) the difference of the light balance and overall quality of the finished images shows!

The process of working with a professional photographer is relatively simple and is actually a fairly fun experience for all those involved. At Aaron Wilson Photography, we understand that it can be somewhat overwhelming to try to figure out all the details surrounding your photoshoot; but that’s where we’d like to step in to make the whole process easier for you. Many customers chose to set up a pre-photoshoot meeting to give us all a chance to discuss your session and the goal for your photos therein. That way when the date of your shoot rolls around, you have nothing left to do but relax and enjoy being the star of your own custom photoshoot!

During the meeting itself, it’s a great time to bring up ideas about locations, venues, and dates and times that work best for you. The pre-photoshoot meeting is also the perfect time to bring into play any and all ideas you’ve seen or thought about concerning backgrounds, attire, props or any other items you’d like included (or avoided!) in your photos. Totally lost on exactly what you want? No problem! It happens a lot more often than you’d think, so trust me you’re not the only one. There’s a lot of ideas to pick from! In situations like these the pre-shoot meeting is even more vital. I find that it helps to think of what you’d like your images to portray – the emotion (excitement, strength, sensuality etc.), the intensity or seriousness of the photos, and what you plan to use them for (business, portfolio, personal home or office use, etc.) and we can work together from there to come up with the perfect atmosphere for you!

In-studio photoshoots are always a great way to set your own tone, ambience, and personal touch to the background and overall aura of the photoshoot itself. At Aaron Wilson Photography we can help show you the immense possibilities and creative suggestions that are based on your own unique goals and desires for your session. From simple and elegant to complex and adventurous we can help you with all your personal and professional photographic needs!

Looking to mix it up? Perfect! That’s just one of the many great advantages that we house living in this beautiful and desirous area of the country. There’s amazing and iconic scenery all around us in every direction that makes the perfect back drop to your next session! From our local cities and popular landmarks to incredible ocean views and enchanting forested terrains; there really is something that will suit everybody’s style and personality.

Photography is truly an art form and can convey a wide range of moods, character, and awe inspiring sentiment in every form possible. So let your creative side shine through, this is your chance to be whomever you wish! There honestly are no two sessions alike; each and every one is as unique as the people in them. So don’t be afraid to embrace the possibilities! You can rest assured that with every shoot that we take care of here at Aaron Wilson Photography is always done with the utmost care, respect and talent. We value your business and take pride in being able to create beautiful pieces of art that you can proudly show off and display as you wish!

Please feel free to browse the site! Some of the pages you’ll find are more detailed descriptions of just some of the types of photography we specialize in. Fitness and Body Building Photography, Yoga Photography, Pole Dancing Photography, Boudoir Photography, Bridal Boudoir Photography, Pin-Up Photography, Pin-Up with Vehicle Photography, Modeling Photography, Engagement Photography, Wedding Photography, Trash the Dress Photography, Family Photography, Pet Photography, Maternity Photography, and more! *Interested in a style that isn’t listed? No worries! Just contact us directly or by using the contact form here on the site and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

When you work with Aaron Wilson Photography we go above and beyond your expectations and make the most of your session with us. We enjoy being able to create lasting relationships with all of our clients and always do our best to create exactly what you’re looking for. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to book your photo session or pre-shoot meeting with us, please contact us directly or by using our Contact Form here on the site. Please remember to add Aaron_wilson@aaronwilson.photography to your inbox contact list so you don’t miss any email updates! Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook or Google+ page to receive your FREE 5 image Mobile App to share your photos instantly after your shoot! It’s an easy and effortless way to show off your photos right away!

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