A tried and true method to help strengthen your body.

Are you into Yoga fitness or a  fan of yoga, teacher or student and interested in sharing your passion?  Aaron Wilson Photography would like to invite you to work with us at your own personal Yoga Photo session! From San Francisco and Santa Cruz and beyond.  I’d love to be able to help you showcase your talent! Photos are a powerful tool that helps capture poses of all levels in their most honest and intense state. It can truly inspire and bring awe to all who view them; as well as help further you in your own career and personal development.

 Yoga has almost become a universal language.

Yoga has been used as a tried and true method to help strengthen your body physically and mentally. Millions throughout time have been helped by its regular practice and it’s not going anywhere soon! Yoga’s become an almost universal language throughout the fitness world; bringing women, men and children together to further their individual physical and spiritual enhancement in a natural and healthy way. It’s a beautiful language of strength and composure that few other fitness forms have been able to attain. Even those who have yet to do their first Sun Salutation have a hard time looking away from those impressively stable contortions that ironically evoke such a pure sense of calm.

 Show your skills to the world!

Whether you’re a teacher that’d like to enchant your students with beautiful images to don your studio walls or you’re looking for a great way to add another level to your fitness portfolio, there’s always the perfect time for you to show your skills to the world!

Do a timeless beautiful session out in nature.

The possibilities for your photos are never ending and every session I do is entirely unique! From simple black and white sessions in the studio to timeless, beautiful shoots out in nature that bring a refreshingly authentic feel to your session – Yoga photography is an incredibly captivating and influential faction of Fitness Photography that never has a shortage of admirers.

Let us show you the possibilities!

There’s no right or wrong way to do a Yoga Photo session! It’s those special details that help bring your personality into your photos and really showcases the emotion and over all art of the session itself. Are you interested in aiming more towards a sensual or erotic feel with a Boudoir-risqué Yoga Photo session? Or have you become a fan of the newly popular ‘Polga’ (a compelling form of yoga that uses the help of the Pole fitness in its poses) that you’d like to try during your session?

I’d love to show you the possibilities! It’s whatever works for you that will make your images really stand out and become your own! At Aaron Wilson Photography, I enjoy taking the extra time needed to really work with my customers so they’re always confident in knowing exactly what they’re getting. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable during your session and have some fun! So please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have or by using the contact form here on the site. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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    "My experience with Vicky and Arron was wonderful because this dynamic team exceed how the standards of how all professionals should act! Between Vicky and Arron's humor on set, Arron's clear vision/ability to direct, and Vicky's willingness to help with anything you may need, these two are nothing but fun to work with! Rest assured these two will make you super comfortable, respect all boundaries, and be there to guide you through the process if you need. You won't be disappointed :)"

    ~ Mije

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    "I've shot with Aaron and Vicky going on 4 times now and they are absolutely awesome people and photographers. I found Aaron for a yoga and boudoir shoot which he has always been patient and respectful and really good at shots/lightening/ airbrushing! Can'y wait to book my next shoot with him! Thank you so much." ~ Stephanie McQuade

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    "Great team that gets the job done! New ideas, new innovations brought to life! No shoot to small for this great team to capture your moment." ~ A.A

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    "All in all i had a great experience with Aaron Wilson Photography. I was a little nervous at first but then I was able to relax and go with the flow. The session didn't take very long including make up and changing. I will definitely be a continuous customer with Aaron Wilson Photography." ~Kimberly Loller

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    "I had the pleasure of working with Aaron Wilson photography for a boudoir photo shoot and I must say, I had an amazing experience working with this team of talent! Not once did I feel uncomfortable or out of place. They have a great sense of directing and working with you every step of the way. The setting was clean, professional and fun. I would definitely work with them again. "

    ~ SYMONE W.


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