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Outdoor fitness to the next level!

Shoot time!!! Shooting in high winds today with @_emmalicious__ !! If you work out in the San Francisco 24 hour fitness gym you may recognize her!! She takes work outs to the next level! Today is a great sunny San Francisco day! The wind has picked up and is blowing like crazy!! We are going to start to capture just a dot of what she does!! Stay tuned! There is way more to come!!! Check out our Instagram page for the video clip. 

Fitness session reward!!

For many of us a fitness photography session maybe our first photo shoot. Others may have had tons but are still nerves about the shoot or the out come of the shoot. Maybe it’s your first time shooting with us and that’s hard as we are both getting to know each other. So here is a great treat for you from @camile_periat on what she has or does:

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Healthy guilt free dessert under 150 calories and low in sugar/fat! I have this almost every night

-Artic Zero Ice Cream 1/2 cup 35 calories.

-Low cal whip cream 3 tble sp 30 calories

-Stevia sweetened/ vegan chocolate chips 3 tble sp 30ish Calories


You can still enjoy tasty treats and maintain your figure.

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Prepping Fitness photography session

 To make it easier for you…

To make it easier for you we have come up with a list of things you need to do and take care of before coming for your session.  Prepping for a fitness photography session can be easy as much as it can be hard.  We always advice talking to your with Aaron Wilson (your fitness photographer) with any issues.

1. A few days before the shoot, make sure you avoid things that aid water retention like salt. Even out your tan avoid bringing any clothing which reveals your tan lines – unless of course you want them to be seen. Try out all the clothes you might wear during the photo shoot and make sure they all fit properly and do not give out a “worn-out” look.

2. If you plan on doing your own hair and makeup, be sure to practice a few times. And as you might have noticed, models in fitness shoots are almost completely hairless on the body. A hairy body does not compliment your muscles, so try and shave it off for a neat and clean look. Also, make sure you facial hair is well-trimmed and presentable. A clean-shave will be the preferred option but you can opt for a short, neat stubble.

3. On the day of your fitness photography session bring in as many clothes and props you wish. You can never overdo it. And a fitness shoot also calls for a large towel and some wet wipes. Many things that may look good in reality, may actually look really bad through the lens. Try to keep your outfit plain so the emphasis remains on your body. Do not opt for heavily printed designs. You can have some statement accessories and makeup to add an “oomph” factor, though.

4. Make sure to start relaxing a few days before the shoot. You will definitely be benefitting your shoot in ways you cannot imagine. Stress shows on your face and body. In fact, stress can also cause you to get pimples and red spots, which you definitely do not wish to have during a fitness photo shoot because most of your body will be bare and visible.

5. Before the photo shoot, talk with Aaron Wilson and plan out some shots. Discuss what your goal is and what you wish to achieve out of the shoot. The photographer will be able to guide you for some further tips and tricks which can make your shoot even better.

Panther Beach, CA

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I do not know where I would be without the love and support from my sponser Max-Muscle Santa Cruz. Jordan, Geff Malone and Sarah Malone are like family and every time i go into the store i get a warm welcome with smiles and hugs. Thank You guys so much for being there for me through literally THICK and THIN! 💪🏼 Much love always!!!! #nofilter needed with @aaronwilsonphotography amazing photography ❤️📸 #teammaxmusclesantacruz #bikinimodel #fitnessmodel #beachshoot #santacruz

    Even though we are in the San Franscico Bay Area we travel to Santa Criz a lot! And the store that she’s talking about is the only place we buy from unless we go to the Gilroy location. We use to be big “GNC” fans but we had to know what we wanted before going in. Sarah and Geff are both amazing people and they train Their staff very good. 

  Panther beach is a little hard to get too. But if you don’t mind a little hill up and down then Panther beach is a great photo spot. Doing a fitness photography session to a family photography session. 

Clothing for a fitness shoot

We get asked a lot about what to wear or bring as fare as clothing goes for a fitness shoot.  Every person has a comfort zone on clothing.  For one a sports bra is showing to much as another topless but the areola is covered or hidden with a hand or arm.  For me I always tell the subject (model) that you can never bring to much; But you can bring not enough.  No matter what type of shoot it is, baby wipes and a towel is always needed.  One thing I like to ask is what will the images be used for?  Are these to grow a fan base? Are these to show your personal journey? Are these for more of a personal reason?


Here are a few different ideas to avoid:

1:) No stripes as they blur as well as plaids. Random patterns are in a grey area but still good to stay away from. Solids photograph much better and can help accent your body.  You have worked hard to get to this point!

2:) If its possible you want to try to avoid large bold brand names to logos like the swoosh or Nike’s logo.

3:) Bring various colored undershirts and/or undergarments pending the styles you would like to shoot.

4: Plan on what accessories will go with your outfits.  If this is your first photo shoot or our first time shooting, I recommend starting with your least favorite outfit and save the best for last.

Make sure your clothing flatters you. Solid bright colors work great for this.  Or solid blacks vs. a off black or a blackish grey color.   If you’re wondering whether an outfit is appropriate, bring it, but also bring other options to shoot if it doesn’t work out.  Its always better to bring to much then not enough.  Also keep in mind for images that you may want in black and white, black and white colors are the best colors to use vs blues.

Team Maxmuscle Gilroy

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Last weeks shenanigans! Hope everyone had a fun weekend, time to kick some butt and get back on track!💪🏼 #maxmuscle #teammaxmusclegilroy #teaminspire #maxmusclesouthcounty #maxmusclesantacruz #teampulse #easterweekend #nutrition #eattoperform #eathealthy #mondaygrind