Are you a body builder, fitness professional? Maybe an amateur looking to get stunning photographs? All of your hard work and hours in training; a photo shoot will help show your rewards, your journey and even to market yourself in the fitness industry. Are you considering being a fitness model, fitness trainer; maybe a fitness coach or to form a fitness team? Fitness Photography shoots are a great way to promote your personal training services! We even have a “Mobile App” to help with this journey.

Advantage of being a San Francisco Bay area Photographer.

Being a fitness photographer in the San Francisco bay area gives us a big advantage! It allows us to do fitness photography in the bay area, Santa Cruz / Monterey area and we are even not that fare from Reno, Nevada. We will help you get those flattering professional images while doing your fitness photography session. A fitness photographer is what you need to help you achieve your goals! Working with pro body builders and amateurs.

We understand how some just want to be a fitness model and others want to be up on stage as a fitness pro. We love working with the bodybuilders of the NPC (National Physique Committee), IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion), INBF (Natural Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness) and all of the other organizations. Being a fitness photographer lets us work with men and women from all walks of life that all share one goal in common.

Most of our sessions take place in…

We do most of our shoots in the San Francisco Bay area, and the Santa Cruz / Monterey area as these two locations share award winning backdrops. Being based in Pleasant Hill, California lets us get to San Francisco in 45 minutes or down to the Santa Cruz /Monterey area in an hour and a half to two hours. We can also get to Reno, Nevada in three hours or Sacramento in about an hour and a half.  Many fitness athletes these days are adding a little boudoir into the mix. The clothing of boudoir and poses mixed with a well toned body brings both types together.

We are not limited to just the San Francisco Bay area.

We are always willing to travel to Reno, NV, Sacramento, and any other locations you may be in. Being fitness photographers, we love going to the NPC, IFBB, and INBF shows. Check our blog or schedule as you may see us at most of the Body Building shows. We also go to the bodybuilding shows to see the men and women that we sponsor; current and past clients. If you are wanting to get some photographs for yourself or other needs, a fitness shoot is the best way to go about it. Give us a call or book your Pre-Shoot meeting today! If we are going to do a fitness shoot after a show, we’d like to go as it helps us see how you pose or show off those hard earned muscles and cuts.

The Pre-shoot meeting.

At a pre-shoot meeting we will help you pick a location that is both appealing and flattering towards all that hard work you have achieved. We work with amateurs that are trying to become personal trainers; Or personal trainers who want to look their best in their posters and brochures. From gym clothing to bikini to clothing from a sponsor, we can help you look your best. In addition, before and after shoots can also play an important role in your path to fitness and /or weight loss.



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    Thank you so much!! "I had an awesome experience with Aaron, Vicky, and Samantha. I was super nervous, I've never done anything like this. So they really made me feel comfortable and it was very easy going. The makeup was beautiful! Thanks guys for making my first experience AWESOME!"

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    fantastic "All in all i had a great experience with Aaron Wilson Photography. I was a little nervous at first but then I was able to relax and go with the flow. The session didn't take very long including make up and changing. I will definitely be a continuous customer with Aaron Wilson Photography."

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    Fantastic! "Aaron was so great to work with! Made you feel very comfortable and confident! Can't wait until next time! "

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    They're Professionals "My experience with Vicky and Arron was wonderful because this dynamic team exceed how the standards of how all professionals should act! Between Vicky and Arron's humor on set, Arron's clear vision/ability to direct, and Vicky's willingness to help with anything you may need, these two are nothing but fun to work with! Rest assured these two will make you super comfortable, respect all boundaries, and be there to guide you through the process if you need. You won't be disappointed :)"

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    Photo Shoot "Great team that gets the job done! New ideas, new innovations brought to life! No shoot to small for this great team to capture your moment."