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We are always willing to travel to Reno, NV, Sacramento, and any other locations you may be in. Being fitness photographers, we love going to the NPC, IFBB, and INBF shows. Check our blog or schedule as you may see us at most of the Body Building shows. We also go to the bodybuilding shows to see the men and women that we sponsor; current and past clients. If you are wanting to get some photographs for yourself or other needs, a fitness shoot is the best way to go about it. Give us a call or book your Pre-Shoot meeting today! If we are going to do a fitness shoot after a show, we’d like to go as it helps us see how you pose or show off those hard earned muscles and cuts.

At a pre-shoot meeting we will help you pick a location that is both appealing and flattering towards all that hard work you have achieved. We work with amateurs that are trying to become personal trainers; Or personal trainers who want to look their best in their posters and brochures. From gym clothing to bikini to clothing from a sponsor, we can help you look your best. In addition, before and after shoots can also play an important role in your path to fitness and /or weight loss.



Here is how you pick your images for touch up.

This web page is for how you will “pick my image”; Some times the best way to explain is images or compare it to something. So who doesn’t like pie? so lets compare this to pie!! lol
We shoot in “RAW” and very low JPEG. The low JPEG are your proof images. They are not worth anything but for email and looking at the images. Some ask what is “RAW” and why do we shoot both? The best way to do this is to look at “PIE”.
     Think of “raw” as pie.  You just cant pick it up and eat it right?  You will have to make the “pie” first.  So a “raw” image is just the ingredients.  Like this picture.





     This is a finished pie.  A “JPEG” is a finished image.  It’s ready to go, maybe you can add a little whip cream, heat it up, or a some ice cream.  But it’s pretty much ready to go and be eaten.



Hey this is photography not a cooking class you say?  The reason behind this is so you understand the images you are about to see.  We shoot high resolution “raw” and the lowest “JPEG”.  Once you make a cherry pie you can’t change it to apple or peach right?  So the low resolution “JPEG” images are so we can upload them fast to the website.  The “JPEG” images are what the camera thinks things are or should be.  The images maybe to white or dark colors are off and so on.  This is were the “RAW” comes into play.  Because “RAW” is like making a pie we can shape it, color it, flavor it, cook it to our liking.

The image selecting process
Step #1 You will get a email from us.  The email may have a senders address from “smugmug” as this is the service we use to host all of our images.  Once we let you know the link is on the way, you should have it in 15 min or less.  If its been 15 min or more check your “spam” or now “clutter” folder. It will look this:

Open the email and click the link inside.  PLEASE keep in mind this email is for you only!!  So if you send this to a friend or family memeber they can and will have access to your selection.  If you select 5 images and they go in and chage the image by adding subtracting or so on; and you let me know your done….  I’ll be sending whats selected.  I can send a “friends” email so they can see, select and have no effect to your selection.




Step #2 Open the email and “click” on your private link inside of the email.  The email will look something like this:

Once the email is open go into the email and click onto your “private link”.  You may be asked to set up a password or it maybe optional to setup a password.  some times we don’t have a password set on the private folder.  I personally recommend setting up a password if any one uses the computer your on besides your self!!




Step #3 Once you get past the login you will see a hidden folder that the link takes you too.

There should be 1 folder; but if we shoot in 2 different locations on 2 different days or maybe you had a group / team shoot; then you may have more then 1 folder.  I usually make a folder for each person so each person wont have to look at every ones images.  As the leader You maybe looking at your images plus the “group” or the “team” images.  60% of the time we will go thru and delete out the bad images like blurred or all black and so on.  The other 40% is when you need to see them as fast as possible and we just upload right out of the camera!  You always have to keep in mind these are “PROOF IMAGES” and nothing has been done to them plus they are the lowest quality “JPEG”.  I may show up in the image if there is a mirror or as a shadow and most of the time I can crop my self out or delete me in some non noticeable way.  So pending how we handle the images first you may see more or less cleaner images.  We usually like to have a day or 2 to pick out the best of the images then show you from there.


Step #4.1  Seeing your images.

We now use a “HEART” system to pick your images.  Its very easy.  Click the “heart” and it will go solid in color. Change your mind? click the heart again and it will loose the color. its that simple.  The old school way was giving us the ” image file number.  the image file number is the “img_0001” number.  we can still do it this way if you want to email us a list of all the image file numbers.

WE CAN NOT GO BY THE “image your on file” located below the photo.  your monitor is different then mine and your 1 out of 167 maybe my 3 out of 167.  So please only use the “heart” or the “Image File number” to get your images to use.

The “See all” will show you all the images you have selected.  Many people do it 3 times… Make there choice click “see all” then un-click… wait a few then they go back and un-click or re-click the images again.

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