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We are looking for 1 or 2 people that would love to do a Yoga shoot in San Francisco before the next big cold front comes in. One plus thing about SF this time of year is the weather is warmer then the east bay. Summer time is cold winter it’s warmer. I have a spot I have wanted to use for a very long time…. so if your interested let me know!! #yoga #yogafit #yogainspiration #sanfrancisco #fitness #fitnessmodel #fitnessgirl Read More
Every year they have a great tree. This year it’s only 1 color vs. the regular 2 colors. But it’s still a great tree. If your looking for a fun tree to do family photos with; this would be that tree. Any one for night yoga? If you are a yoga person I have a great idea with the tree light. We can get some with the tree in the background; but I have another idea in store. I’ll even do it for a trade as it will require a night time shoot and it’s a experimental photo session. Read More
DREAM LAND TWO Your day dream is over! Saturday August 26th 2017 Did you miss Dream Land one? We know some of you have been waiting for a 2nd chance for another Dream Land!  Dream Land two will be at the same location as Dream Land one.  If you were at Dream Land one here is the perfect chance to do what you didn’t do before!  You have a big advantage over new people who have not seen it yet!  Also all Dream land one clients will get a discount on Dream Land Two. What is Dream Land? Just in case you have never Read More