Another great fitness photo session with Arroyo Fitness in San Francisco California.  There are many locations that a fitness photo session can take place.  You have the parks, waterfront, hills ad even the down town area.  There are many spots you can do Yoga fitness sessions, and even the newer pole fitness sessions. Read More
INK WANTED!! WOMAN, MEN AND COUPLES WELCOMED Ink wanted for a photo session.  We are looking to redo our ink portfolio and would love to have some nice ink! We are looking for something simple to complex.  Ink wanted on woman, men and couples. To the left is a sample image of ink on a woman.  We are looking to do many different styles as we know every one has different style or kind of comfort zones. How about a fitness or boudoir style? We can do a fitness photography style session.  We can also do something along the lines of a boudoir photography session.  Some are into pole fitness and or some type of dancing or even YOGA.  Please call or email us to let us know you are interested.  Photos would be great if you can send as well.  If you have something in mind let us know.  Lets meet and talk over a session.  We have a great deal for you; so good we can’t mention it on here.  thank you and have a great day! What else can we do? We also can do something with couples.  The way she faces him and he faces her topless […] Read More