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Outdoor sessions

Yoga in Oakland Ca

Photo shoot📷 with @naturalfitmom .Yoga at lake Merritt, Oakland California. As always this was a fun shoot with @naturalfitmom !!! #yoga #oakland #fitness #fitnessfamily 💯% Approved for Reposting!! 📧 Email at awilson@aaronwilson.photography to book a 📷 shoot and pricing or ✔️ out our website at: wwwAaronWilson.Photography . #dipphoto #sanfrancisco #santacruz #photographer #dipphoto #custom #photooftheday #AaronWilson #sportsphotography #fitnessphotography #fallowme #MakingMemoriesOnePhotoAtATime™

Brownstone Gardens – Photo day

img_6955.jpgAs some of you may know that the Brownstone Gardens in Brentwood California opens there campus up 4 times a year or less to the public with no fees. You need to bring your own photographer to this event.  we will be offering a “mini session” for this event.  We have limited spots so contact us now. The Brownstone Gardens will be open from 10am till 7pm for this event.  This is a great way to get some family, fitness, senior photos in and so on.  The “Mini sessions” are a great photo opportunity to take advantage of their grounds.  We will accept full package sessions if the time is available.  CONTACT US TODAY FOR DETAILS!

It will cost $65 for a 30 min session up to 5 people per group.


eunning photography - track


What’s the point of having all those certificates and trophies for running when they fail to tell a story? Trophies can be an honor but you need a story alongside it to complete the package. If you’re fond of running and want to save your legacy, a running photography shoot is just what you need. All you need to do is run a couple of KM to get your body in that natural state of a flushed and glowing skin and Aaron will do the rest.

Sports photography / Fitness Photography can be a demanding field and you need to know your way around the camera for a perfect shoot. However, with the experience Aaron possesses, he won’t have a problem shooting even the fastest of runners.With sports photography you need to emphasize on paying attention to outlining all the rich elements like the model, location, attire, lensing and colors. Especially when it comes to capturing runners from a fair distance, photography can elicit a lot of difficulty because of the accuracy and speed required.

Taking a marathon runner for example, spectators (including photographers), need to stay at a safe distance from the runners to avoid any disturbance. To get some decent shots of the runners without using long lenses can be very difficult. On the other hand, if you have a professional like Aaron doing the job, there won’t even be any need of such equipment – all he needs is a steady hand and his super-fast reflexes with his abundant photography skills.


Pole fitness – Beach style

Here are some iPhone videos taken by: @vlcbear1 during our 2nd of the day with the iPhone 6[S]. More photos and video clips to come! 💯% Approved for Reposting!! 📧 Email at awilson@aaronwilson.photography to book a 📷 shoot and pricing or ✔️ out our website at: wwwAaronWilson.Photography . #dipphoto #sanfrancisco #santacruz #photographer #dipphoto #custom #photooftheday #AaronWilson #sportsphotography #fitnessphotography #fallowme #extremefitness #poledancing #polefitness #MakingMemoriesOnePhotoAtATime™

Outdoor fitness to the next level!

Shoot time!!! Shooting in high winds today with @_emmalicious__ !! If you work out in the San Francisco 24 hour fitness gym you may recognize her!! She takes work outs to the next level! Today is a great sunny San Francisco day! The wind has picked up and is blowing like crazy!! We are going to start to capture just a dot of what she does!! Stay tuned! There is way more to come!!! Check out our Instagram page for the video clip. 

Bay Area Photography Tours

imageBay Area Photography Tours are back!!  We are now offering more city’s! More customized! Keep a eye open for a city near you or ask about a area!!  Seen from across the bay, San Francisco, the city by the bay, appears white against the azure skies above the Pacific Ocean and the eponymous bay that sets the city apart from all others in the United States.  A charming attraction that brings visitors year after year to see and enjoy the many sights, sounds and flavors of this marvelous city. Not everyone however, has the opportunity to see and experience many of San Francisco’s exciting offerings. Most visitors to the city have only a few days to experience the motley array of colors and flavors that set San Francisco apart from the rest of the country.

Now Aaron Wilson Photography’s Tour Packages can make your visit memorable for many years to come with our delightful and exciting tour packages that carry you comfortably along in air conditioned comfort to see and experience one scenic photo opportunity after another as you cruise along through the many interlocking cities that orbit around San Francisco like planets orbiting a brilliant sun.

While San Francisco itself presents an ever beckoning array of popular attractions such as Fisherman’s Wharf with its variety of restaurants, shops and sights to visit such as a boat ride to Alcatraz…Chinatown — a tiny bit of Old China, this city within a city that began during the Gold Rush Days, lies set apart with its own main street, Grant Avenue, in the heart of the San Francisco. Bursting with narrow streets, restaurants, authentic Chinese markets and shops featuring gift items you feel lost among the throngs of Chinese pedestrians scurrying about on their daily business.

You’ll enjoy the beaches and vistas offered as you pass by the Golden Gate Bridge, a one-of-a-kind wonder in a world where style and charm have given way to more practical bridge=building practices.  The list continues, but keep your cameras ready as you tour southward to marvel at the beauty of the beaches you’ll see in the charming City of Santa Cruz with its fresh seafood restaurants, shops and amusement park.  We at Aaron Wilson Photography offer tour packages especially created to allow visitors to be able to take the most memorable and exciting photos possible, photos that will remain with them for a lifetime.

The Napa Valley, famed for its wineries, where vineyard after vineyard offers wine-tasting…there is a wine for everyone to be found here where California now boasts many fine wines comparable to the famed wines of France.

There is so much more to be experienced, all within reach of San Francisco, the hub of Northern California. The giant redwoods, trees that were here when King Tut ruled Egypt! South again to Monterey, home not only for many artists but again, fresh seafood served on the wharf, and only steps from the charming Carmel-by-the-Sea and the super-famous Pebble Beach Golf Course.

But while we offer so many well-planned tours offering the best of the Bay Area, we offer still more: Any and all our tours may be customized to suit the individual family or group to add to your greatest satisfaction.

Once you walk the beaches of Santa Cruz or Monterey camera in hand, or stand among the magnificent redwoods of our Northern Coast, you’ll want to come back year after year. Out along the Western Edge of San Francisco you may well glimpse whales frolicking about in the Pacific Ocean just within range of your camera.

Let us guide you on the photographic tour of a lifetime. Just bring your camera and we’ll do the rest!

Fitness photography – Yoga style

video of Cassandra doing Yoga Fitness

We did a fun Yoga photography session at lake Merritt in Oakland California yesterday. Here is a small video clip at the end of the shoot. We shoot over 2,000 images using about 60+ gigs of data. We also got a family photography session in with Cassandra and her 2 kids. Cassandra is in the NPC.  We have worked with her for about 4 years now. We enjoy every shoot with her!!
If you into fitness just for your self, for the art, or love the compation side of it; Doing a fitness photography session is a great way to show you gains, were you currently are or even built a fallowing base of fans. Your be surprise how many people you may inspire in your journey on the path of fitness. Some times it’s the memories of what you are currently doing if there ever is a tragic accident or to show friends and family that blank years ago I started out like this and now I am here at this point.

Panther Beach, CA

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I do not know where I would be without the love and support from my sponser Max-Muscle Santa Cruz. Jordan, Geff Malone and Sarah Malone are like family and every time i go into the store i get a warm welcome with smiles and hugs. Thank You guys so much for being there for me through literally THICK and THIN! 💪🏼 Much love always!!!! #nofilter needed with @aaronwilsonphotography amazing photography ❤️📸 #teammaxmusclesantacruz #bikinimodel #fitnessmodel #beachshoot #santacruz

    Even though we are in the San Franscico Bay Area we travel to Santa Criz a lot! And the store that she’s talking about is the only place we buy from unless we go to the Gilroy location. We use to be big “GNC” fans but we had to know what we wanted before going in. Sarah and Geff are both amazing people and they train Their staff very good. 

  Panther beach is a little hard to get too. But if you don’t mind a little hill up and down then Panther beach is a great photo spot. Doing a fitness photography session to a family photography session. 

Shoot with: Luis 

Photo shoot with Luis in Capitola/ Santa Cruz CA. This was a fun shoot. 📧 Email at awilson@aaronwilson.photography to book a 📷 shoot and pricing. #aaronwilsonphotography #sanfrancisco #santacruz #photographer #custom #photooftheday #AaronWilson #sportsphotography #fitnessphotography #fallowme #MakingMemoriesOnePhotoAtATime™

Photo shoot: Luis

Another photo with Luis in Capitola, Ca. Doing a fitness shoot before the show is always easier then after the show. But then the day after a show with no cheat meal before the shoot is so rewarding. #fitnessphotography #santacruz #capitola 💯% Approved for Reposting!! 📧 Email at awilson@aaronwilson.photography to book a 📷 shoot and pricing or ✔️ out our website at: wwwAaronWilson.Photography . #dipphoto #sanfrancisco #santacruz #photographer #dipphoto #custom #photooftheday #AaronWilson #sportsphotography #fitnessphotography #fallowme #MakingMemoriesOnePhotoAtATime™