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Diamond city jewelry is not only a client; we are a client to them also. We have been going to Diamond City for about 4 years now and the last 4 months working with Diamond City.  They are a family run business, and a great family to visit. They are always willing to help get the stuff we want if they don’t have it. We have used them for about 4 years… We have bought and used different peace’s of the jewelry in our boudoir and even fitness sessions. They had 2 customer appreciation days. Here is a shoot of Angela on the 2nd event. Had a great time; awesome food and great to see some new stuff out just in time for the holiday!! Thank you to Rick and the family! Read More
DREAM LAND TWO OPEN! 08/26/2017 WOODLAND, CA Dream Land two open! We are accepting registration for dream land two.  We as for a retainer to hold open your spot!  We are giving away 1 free spot to the contest winner.  So make sure you sign up for the contest!  We recommend to go a head and sign up for the photo session and if you win we will refund you what you paid.  This way if you really want to do the photo session you won’t loose out!  Dream Land is perfect for the pin-up  person inside of you! Not only does this location have stuff from the 1950’s and the 1960’s, we also have 2 cars at this time that we can use.  Doing a pin-up with cars is always a fun addition to the session. What to wear?!? The great thing about this location is you can wear what you want.  the back area is all closed off as the front is in the public eye.  Many like to go with a pin-up look from the past, but some also like to go with the Boudoir look.  You could even do something with a flirty “fitness” look also.  Check out […] Read More