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Photo shoot: Luis

Photo shoot: Luis

Another photo with Luis in Capitola, Ca. Doing a fitness shoot before the show is always easier then after the show. But then the day after a show with no cheat meal before the shoot is so rewarding. #fitnessphotography #santacruz #capitola 💯% Approved for Reposting!! 📧 Email at awilson@aaronwilson.photography to book a 📷 shoot and pricing or ✔️ out our website at: wwwAaronWilson.Photography . #dipphoto #sanfrancisco #santacruz #photographer #dipphoto #custom #photooftheday #AaronWilson #sportsphotography #fitnessphotography #fallowme #MakingMemoriesOnePhotoAtATime™

Ready for a beach shoot?

A issue with living in California is all the beaches we have 😉. I love doing beach shoots! From engagement photos to fitness and even weddings. And with the nice weather popping up lately makes me want to do a beach shoot soon!! 📷🤗 Model: Brooke #fitness #aaronwilsonphotography 📧 Email at awilson@dipphoto.com to book a 📷 shoot and pricing. #dipphoto #sanfrancisco #santacruz #photographer #dipphoto #custom #photooftheday #AaronWilson #sportsphotography #fitnessphotography #fallowme

The big day!!

It was a rainy day! But these two brought out the sunlight long enough to make it that special day! The Matias family! Love these two!! #wedding #weddingday #colorin #blackandwhite #aaronwilsonphotography


Image shoot at “The Barn” that we use for a few selected shoots. Model is NPC Pro: Nicole Sammann -📧 Email at awilson@aaronwilson.photography to book a 📷 shoot and pricing. #dipphoto #sanfrancisco #santacruz #photographer #aaronwilsonphotography #custom #photooftheday #AaronWilson #sportsphotography #fitnessphotography #fallowme

Palace of fine art

The same image as taken with the iPhone but this is with the camera. ISO: 1000 with a F8 hand held. So need to find the part for my Tri Pod or buy a new one. 1am at the palace of Fine Arts. #sanfrancisco #palaceoffinearts #photooftheday ***** on a side note I’m looking for a “couple” (male and female) and or a fitness person who would like to do a shoot. I have a project in mind. The project was saved for a person but with the bad weather and time for the good weather they are very much off season. Not looking for show ready, but in good shape. Email me or DM me on here if interested. ****

Late night SF Shoot

iPhone taken by wife on 6S. Shoot time!! Never to late for a shoot!!!

Capitola beach – Camile Periat 

This photo was taken about 2 years ago with IFBB PRO Camile Periat.  It was a 70F+ day in the middle of November. One reason why I like this image or am posting it today; Is becuse the weather should be a nice 70F. But the past few days it’s been cold and windy. This area and San Francisco share about the same in weather. Today is that nice day! Make we want to go shoot on the beach!

Couples wanting photos

Looking for couples for engagement photos!! Be a great time to make a future mother in law happy! If your a couple wanting to do engagement photos or need to have them done; now is the time! Contact us now. Limited spots in different areas including Reno,NV. Already engaged? Or just want to re Kendal that memory? Contact us now awilson@aaronwilson.photography

Yummy!! By: page 

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“Healthy” Ice Cream Sandwiches👅

What you need:

Use the #Shredz chocolate chip pizookie cookie recipe I posted last week but cut the ingredients in half to make smaller cookies!

– see recipe for ingredients!

@HaloTopCreamery (desired flavor)

@FlavorGod chocolate donut seasoning
What to do: ***See the pizookie recipe I posted last week but this time since your making smaller cookies.. Spoon out desired amount for cookie size, roll in to balls and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Flatten with spoon and make for about 10-12 mins (checking periodically) remove and let cool completely before adding ice cream. Using the sharpest knife you have, cut the whole outside of the ice pint evenly into 3-4 pieces for the inside of your cookie ice cream sandwiches! Sprinkle some @flavorgod chocolate donut seasoning on the outside and smush your sandwich together! –

Want more mouth watering dessert videos? Visit my website! WWW.PAIGEHATHAWAY COM

Click link in bio — > @PaigeHathaway

Natural Fit Mom – Posting

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This was an off season shoot about 2-3 years ago with @aaronwilsonphotography and it’s a favorite of mine. So, I wanted to make sure I captioned it appropriately. 

I remember being a little self conscious in this shoot because I wasn’t ‘photoshoot’ lean/ready….lol, I’m a good 170-180lb in this pic. BUT I remember feeling freaking fantastic and strong and healthy and not being able to care about how others might interpret this look. I literally was feeling TOO good to even consider a different emotion. 

There are soooooo many ways to lose weight. There is so much informaton, tons of experts and waaaaay too many gadgets to help you achieve your desired look. BUT if you don’t FEEL great, what is it all for? 

BEING healthy leads to FEELING healthy which leads to LOOKING healthy. #prohealth #eatclean #liftheavy #strongnotskinny #musclemom #ladylifter #figurecompetitor #bodybuilder #allnaturalathlete #alpha #yogi #yogagirl #breakthestereotype #hellalovethebay #bayarea #namaslay #naturalfitmom #namaste #MakingMemoriesOnePhotoAtATime™