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She did it! Figure Pro!!

She did it! Figure Pro!!

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And then….you’re a Figure Pro #figurepro #cantstopwontstop #goaldigger #bodybuilder #figurecompetitor #allnaturalathlete #alpha #naturalfitmom #namaste

Fit pro San Jose championship 7/2/2016

Are you going? Who is all going? We will be there!! Have to see our great supplement store of course (@maxmusclesantacruz ) plus of course every one we work with thru out the year!! We will see you on stage or as a viewer. 🤗🤗 can’t wait!!



Prepping Fitness photography session

 To make it easier for you…

To make it easier for you we have come up with a list of things you need to do and take care of before coming for your session.  Prepping for a fitness photography session can be easy as much as it can be hard.  We always advice talking to your with Aaron Wilson (your fitness photographer) with any issues.

1. A few days before the shoot, make sure you avoid things that aid water retention like salt. Even out your tan avoid bringing any clothing which reveals your tan lines – unless of course you want them to be seen. Try out all the clothes you might wear during the photo shoot and make sure they all fit properly and do not give out a “worn-out” look.

2. If you plan on doing your own hair and makeup, be sure to practice a few times. And as you might have noticed, models in fitness shoots are almost completely hairless on the body. A hairy body does not compliment your muscles, so try and shave it off for a neat and clean look. Also, make sure you facial hair is well-trimmed and presentable. A clean-shave will be the preferred option but you can opt for a short, neat stubble.

3. On the day of your fitness photography session bring in as many clothes and props you wish. You can never overdo it. And a fitness shoot also calls for a large towel and some wet wipes. Many things that may look good in reality, may actually look really bad through the lens. Try to keep your outfit plain so the emphasis remains on your body. Do not opt for heavily printed designs. You can have some statement accessories and makeup to add an “oomph” factor, though.

4. Make sure to start relaxing a few days before the shoot. You will definitely be benefitting your shoot in ways you cannot imagine. Stress shows on your face and body. In fact, stress can also cause you to get pimples and red spots, which you definitely do not wish to have during a fitness photo shoot because most of your body will be bare and visible.

5. Before the photo shoot, talk with Aaron Wilson and plan out some shots. Discuss what your goal is and what you wish to achieve out of the shoot. The photographer will be able to guide you for some further tips and tricks which can make your shoot even better.

Bay Area Photography Tours

imageBay Area Photography Tours are back!!  We are now offering more city’s! More customized! Keep a eye open for a city near you or ask about a area!!  Seen from across the bay, San Francisco, the city by the bay, appears white against the azure skies above the Pacific Ocean and the eponymous bay that sets the city apart from all others in the United States.  A charming attraction that brings visitors year after year to see and enjoy the many sights, sounds and flavors of this marvelous city. Not everyone however, has the opportunity to see and experience many of San Francisco’s exciting offerings. Most visitors to the city have only a few days to experience the motley array of colors and flavors that set San Francisco apart from the rest of the country.

Now Aaron Wilson Photography’s Tour Packages can make your visit memorable for many years to come with our delightful and exciting tour packages that carry you comfortably along in air conditioned comfort to see and experience one scenic photo opportunity after another as you cruise along through the many interlocking cities that orbit around San Francisco like planets orbiting a brilliant sun.

While San Francisco itself presents an ever beckoning array of popular attractions such as Fisherman’s Wharf with its variety of restaurants, shops and sights to visit such as a boat ride to Alcatraz…Chinatown — a tiny bit of Old China, this city within a city that began during the Gold Rush Days, lies set apart with its own main street, Grant Avenue, in the heart of the San Francisco. Bursting with narrow streets, restaurants, authentic Chinese markets and shops featuring gift items you feel lost among the throngs of Chinese pedestrians scurrying about on their daily business.

You’ll enjoy the beaches and vistas offered as you pass by the Golden Gate Bridge, a one-of-a-kind wonder in a world where style and charm have given way to more practical bridge=building practices.  The list continues, but keep your cameras ready as you tour southward to marvel at the beauty of the beaches you’ll see in the charming City of Santa Cruz with its fresh seafood restaurants, shops and amusement park.  We at Aaron Wilson Photography offer tour packages especially created to allow visitors to be able to take the most memorable and exciting photos possible, photos that will remain with them for a lifetime.

The Napa Valley, famed for its wineries, where vineyard after vineyard offers wine-tasting…there is a wine for everyone to be found here where California now boasts many fine wines comparable to the famed wines of France.

There is so much more to be experienced, all within reach of San Francisco, the hub of Northern California. The giant redwoods, trees that were here when King Tut ruled Egypt! South again to Monterey, home not only for many artists but again, fresh seafood served on the wharf, and only steps from the charming Carmel-by-the-Sea and the super-famous Pebble Beach Golf Course.

But while we offer so many well-planned tours offering the best of the Bay Area, we offer still more: Any and all our tours may be customized to suit the individual family or group to add to your greatest satisfaction.

Once you walk the beaches of Santa Cruz or Monterey camera in hand, or stand among the magnificent redwoods of our Northern Coast, you’ll want to come back year after year. Out along the Western Edge of San Francisco you may well glimpse whales frolicking about in the Pacific Ocean just within range of your camera.

Let us guide you on the photographic tour of a lifetime. Just bring your camera and we’ll do the rest!

Fitness photography – Yoga style

video of Cassandra doing Yoga Fitness

We did a fun Yoga photography session at lake Merritt in Oakland California yesterday. Here is a small video clip at the end of the shoot. We shoot over 2,000 images using about 60+ gigs of data. We also got a family photography session in with Cassandra and her 2 kids. Cassandra is in the NPC.  We have worked with her for about 4 years now. We enjoy every shoot with her!!
If you into fitness just for your self, for the art, or love the compation side of it; Doing a fitness photography session is a great way to show you gains, were you currently are or even built a fallowing base of fans. Your be surprise how many people you may inspire in your journey on the path of fitness. Some times it’s the memories of what you are currently doing if there ever is a tragic accident or to show friends and family that blank years ago I started out like this and now I am here at this point.

Panther Beach, CA

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I do not know where I would be without the love and support from my sponser Max-Muscle Santa Cruz. Jordan, Geff Malone and Sarah Malone are like family and every time i go into the store i get a warm welcome with smiles and hugs. Thank You guys so much for being there for me through literally THICK and THIN! 💪🏼 Much love always!!!! #nofilter needed with @aaronwilsonphotography amazing photography ❤️📸 #teammaxmusclesantacruz #bikinimodel #fitnessmodel #beachshoot #santacruz

    Even though we are in the San Franscico Bay Area we travel to Santa Criz a lot! And the store that she’s talking about is the only place we buy from unless we go to the Gilroy location. We use to be big “GNC” fans but we had to know what we wanted before going in. Sarah and Geff are both amazing people and they train Their staff very good. 

  Panther beach is a little hard to get too. But if you don’t mind a little hill up and down then Panther beach is a great photo spot. Doing a fitness photography session to a family photography session. 

Clothing for a fitness shoot

We get asked a lot about what to wear or bring as fare as clothing goes for a fitness shoot.  Every person has a comfort zone on clothing.  For one a sports bra is showing to much as another topless but the areola is covered or hidden with a hand or arm.  For me I always tell the subject (model) that you can never bring to much; But you can bring not enough.  No matter what type of shoot it is, baby wipes and a towel is always needed.  One thing I like to ask is what will the images be used for?  Are these to grow a fan base? Are these to show your personal journey? Are these for more of a personal reason?


Here are a few different ideas to avoid:

1:) No stripes as they blur as well as plaids. Random patterns are in a grey area but still good to stay away from. Solids photograph much better and can help accent your body.  You have worked hard to get to this point!

2:) If its possible you want to try to avoid large bold brand names to logos like the swoosh or Nike’s logo.

3:) Bring various colored undershirts and/or undergarments pending the styles you would like to shoot.

4: Plan on what accessories will go with your outfits.  If this is your first photo shoot or our first time shooting, I recommend starting with your least favorite outfit and save the best for last.

Make sure your clothing flatters you. Solid bright colors work great for this.  Or solid blacks vs. a off black or a blackish grey color.   If you’re wondering whether an outfit is appropriate, bring it, but also bring other options to shoot if it doesn’t work out.  Its always better to bring to much then not enough.  Also keep in mind for images that you may want in black and white, black and white colors are the best colors to use vs blues.

4th of July hunt!! Casting Call

We are on the hunt for 4th of July (Independence Day style) clothing or out fits for a photo shoot. Swimwear to what you think represent this day. A out fit made out of the play is a plus but not required. Direct message me on here or email me at awilson@aaronwilson.photography  it’s ok to repost this! Website irk: www.AaronWilson.Photography if you have something let’s set up a meeting to talk over details! You can find the outfit on the left from this repost: #Repost @pangopangoswimwear with @repostapp.


Absolutely the last day to order something new for Memorial weekend ! Call or email today . #customswimwear #mixandmatch #customstore #custommade #memorialweekend #starsandstripes #allamerican #classic #americana #madeinamerica #pompanobeach

Shoot with: Luis 

Photo shoot with Luis in Capitola/ Santa Cruz CA. This was a fun shoot. 📧 Email at awilson@aaronwilson.photography to book a 📷 shoot and pricing. #aaronwilsonphotography #sanfrancisco #santacruz #photographer #custom #photooftheday #AaronWilson #sportsphotography #fitnessphotography #fallowme #MakingMemoriesOnePhotoAtATime™

Body Fitness

Body Fitness is very important for everyone. Now it is like if you truly love yourself then you have to keep your body fit and healthy. Your body fitness and health are very important for you. It affects one’s personality to a great extent. It is said confidence and self-esteem greatly depends on physical appearance.

This is the era when not only you need to be good in your grades but also you should actively participate in the physical activities. Sports is not an inferior to other subjects; in schools there are marks for physical fitness.

It may be the morning walk, jogging or yoga; almost every other person has a routine that involves such exercises to keep the body fit and healthy.

If you are the one that still needs to follow some exercises then don’t hold yourself back. I know you can do it. You may feel difficult when you’ll start the workouts but believe me, with the passage of time, you’ll be habitual of everything. Remember that change is one thing that is constant in our lives. With determination, you can achieve anything.


Let me tell you a story when my friend started her fitness workouts, she had a trouble in making the exercises part of her routine. She used to make funny excuses like once she said that a devil stops her everytime she thinks of going for a walk or doing some exercises. But a month later, she was a regular yoga person.

She told me that yoga is something that made her take control of her desires and now, she could make herself practice whatever she has decided without having any second thoughts about it. Yoga made her disciplined, and her body got into shape gradually. Hatha and Ashtanga are some yoga styles that are very relaxing and gradually increases your body stamina and strength and give it some composure.

You don’t need to start some fast pace and high intensity workouts at once for a well-shaped body because fitness requires time. Start with some easy workouts, and then you can add some other exercises once you become used to the beginning exercises.

You can start by walking, jogging, cycling or skipping to make your body familiar to some strain. Then, you may proceed to some bodybuilding workouts that will help you to burn body fat, and build muscles such that push ups, weightlifting and dumbbell lifting.

Let me provide you a very efficient beginners routine.

• First warm up your body by jumping

• Then do 8 push-ups

• 10 seconds planks

• Now 10 split squats

• 20 jumping jacks

• Now 20 lunges (be careful that you do not put pressure on your joints while doing lunges)

Now people seem to be very vigilant about their body tone and well-being. I have many friends that are professional body trainers in California Bay Area. And I got to hear some really interesting stories regarding the people joining gyms when recently, I visited San Francisco due a photoshoot project of some bodybuilders; it was indeed a great experience.