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DREAM LAND TWO OPEN! 08/26/2017 WOODLAND, CA Dream Land two open! We are accepting registration for dream land two.  We as for a retainer to hold open your spot!  We are giving away 1 free spot to the contest winner.  So make sure you sign up for the contest!  We recommend to go a head and sign up for the photo session and if you win we will refund you what you paid.  This way if you really want to do the photo session you won’t loose out!  Dream Land is perfect for the pin-up  person inside of you! Not only does this location have stuff from the 1950’s and the 1960’s, we also have 2 cars at this time that we can use.  Doing a pin-up with cars is always a fun addition to the session. What to wear?!? The great thing about this location is you can wear what you want.  the back area is all closed off as the front is in the public eye.  Many like to go with a pin-up look from the past, but some also like to go with the Boudoir look.  You could even do something with a flirty “fitness” look also.  Check out […] Read More
DREAM LAND SPECIAL Beach Shoot Special also!! Happy 4th of July! A dream Land special and beach shoot for you! Happy 4th of July!! So besides the fire works and the BBQ and everything else.. What else do you look forward to? If you said sales then you got it!! From 12pm till 17:00 or PM We will give 1 Free spot for the beach session on 7/16/17 and We will will toss in a $75 discount on Dream Land 2* on 8/26/17 (*Balance needs to be paid by 7/14/17). This is 1st come 1st get! Only 1 per event!! So let the fun begin! Reply to this “I want…..”! Read More
DREAM LAND TWO Your day dream is over! Saturday August 26th 2017 Did you miss Dream Land one? We know some of you have been waiting for a 2nd chance for another Dream Land!  Dream Land two will be at the same location as Dream Land one.  If you were at Dream Land one here is the perfect chance to do what you didn’t do before!  You have a big advantage over new people who have not seen it yet!  Also all Dream land one clients will get a discount on Dream Land Two. What is Dream Land? Just in case you have never Read More
          PUBLISHED – Mica Michelle Castro #Repost @micaactorplussizemodel (@get_repost) ・・・ Featured in Belleza XL Magazine, the first plus size magazine for Spanish speakers worldwide. “I’m a #BELLEZAXL because I work on myself in becoming the confident & strong woman that I am while our culture tells me I am not pretty nor valuable enough because I am not skinny. But size does not determine beauty. Every woman has to find their inner & outer beauty and OWN IT. Everyday, I hustle working on my Actor/Model career, and feel proud to represent all women on the runway and screen. My daily mission is to advocate size acceptance, size diversity, and a healthy lifestyle.” Dress: @kiyonnacurves HMUA: @micaactorplussizemodel Photographer: @aaronwilsonphotography #jenniferbarretoleyva#spanishmagazine#modelo#modelotallagrande#modeloplus#latinmodel#mexicanmodel Read More