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Pin-Up photography is one of the most iconic and adored types of boudoir photography there is!

Thinking of having a Pin-Up photography session done? I’d love to help show you the possibilities! Whether you’re looking to just have some fun, adding to your modeling portfolio or as a gift for that special someone, here at Aaron Wilson Photography I can capture your perfect image! From studio photo shoots in San Francisco, CA to the classic car and motorcycle events in Reno, NV (and everywhere in between!) your Pin-Up photo shoot is waiting for just one final piece – YOU!

So What is a Pin-Up?

The Pin-Up is one of the most iconic and adored types of boudoir photography. Its recognized style is timeless and friendly for both men and women. Originating back in the 19th century, its popularity skyrocketed during the 1940’s with the start of WWII when. American G.I.’s were missing their sweethearts back home and would “pin up” photos of popular boudoir actresses in their bunks.

And what is “Modern Day” Pin-up?

The modern day Pin-Up Photography has not veered too far off the path of the traditional style. Those bright eyes and curvy figures are just as beloved now as they were a century ago. With their form flattering attire and an endless variety of poses to choose from, the Pin-Up is a style of boudoir photography that is versatile enough to fit any woman! Whether you’d like to enhance your current personality or impersonate a completely different side of yourself, it’s all possible when you’re a Pin-Up!

Is there just one style of Pin-Up?

Some may think that there’s just one style of Pin-Up Photography, but that’s far from the truth! There’s dozens to pick from! Each one having its own personality, voice and image. From the outgoing sex kitten inspired from Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe to the coy seductress “girl next door” brought into light by Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable; there’s a place for every personality. This is the chance for you to bring out and embrace your free spirit!

Tips for Preparing for Your Pin-Up photography Shoot:

Just as with any photo shoot, there are certain things you can do to feel more prepared and comfortable in front of the camera as a Pin-Up. Take these few extra steps to make sure you can relax and enjoy your session as much as possible!


With Pin-Ups, it’s all in the face! With the glowing skin, immaculate make up and flirtatious facial expressions, this is where the whole attitude of a Pin-Up shines through. Take a little time to practice different expressions in the mirror to figure out who your natural Pin-Up persona is. As silly as it may sound, it’ll make all the difference!


The same goes for poses! Pin-Ups are known for their seemingly innocent poses that are SO much more than that! Practice different poses along with facial expressions and you’ll soon find out which ones fit together perfectly. This preparation is simple yet it will give you the confidence to easily bring out your inner sex kitten in front of the camera.


It is very important that you wear clothing that fits your particular body shape correctly. Not every woman is the same size and shape, and Pin Ups are known for embracing the unique curves of every woman! Take advantage of this by choosing pieces that accentuate the areas of your body you feel most confident about. Love the shape of your waist? Than how about a bare midriff or clothing that cinches around that area? Proud of your lips? Than go bold! Pin-Ups practically invented fire engine red lip stick! There are so many different clothing and make up styles to choose from, but the most important thing is picking things that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Aaron loves to…

At Aaron Wilson Photography, I love being able to create incredible photographs that are customized to you. When doing Pin-Up photo shoots, there are so many different aspects that make each session completely unique! I take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for so that your finished prints are absolutely perfect. One of the things I love about doing Pin-Up shoots is that as the customer, you can be yourself or anybody else you wish! Pin-Ups are meant to be fun and over everything else, I want you to have fun with it! A lot of my photo shoots take place in the San Francisco and Santa Cruz, CA areas as well as Reno, NV and many places in between. Please fill out the contact form so I can start to prepare for your day! Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have. And as always, I’m looking forward to working with you and I will answer any requests as soon as possible!
*If desired, hair and makeup application can be provided before your photo shoot time for additional cost and prior notice.

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